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The popularity of electric vehicles has been expanding rapidly due to government subsidies and environmental sensitivity.

The current growth in electric vehicles (EV’s) is exponential and by 2025, EV’s will account for an estimated 30% of all vehicle sales. If you run a business, electric charge points can add real value to your staff and visiting personnel.

Revising planning regulations is part of the UK governments current strategy to facilitate mass adoption of electric vehicles in the UK. Its long-term objective is to ensure a chargepoint is installed in every home and business with parking in addition to legislation being passed for the inclusion of charging points in new developments.

Learn more about how ESS can shape the right solution for your business and save money on EV installation.


  • Save money on purchase & installation with current government grants
  • Understand the importance of load baring and capacity
  • Choose the right technology within your charge point
  • Decrease fuel costs & road tax


We are impressed with the ESS Energy tariff review service. All we had to do was supply them with a copy of a recent utility bill and a signed letter of authority to confirm that they were acting on behalf of the club.

Alex Mackenzie

Secretary, Carnoustie Golf Club

I am pleased to confirm how worthwhile we believe ESS Energy working on our behalf has proved to be. In relation to 30 or so entities that we manage directly, we have achieved savings that by now must exceed £16k per annum with little effort on our part.

Colin Andrews

Group Accountant, WT Lamb Holdings Ltd

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