Within the hospitality sector, energy costs may only be a small percentage of turnover, but reducing them can directly increase profit without the need to increase sales.

Energy in hotels for instance is mainly consumed by temperature regulation and often this needs to be a 24/7 operation.

Whilst this is a diverse sector comprising hotels, motels, guest houses, pubs, bars restaurants and other catering establishments, there are several common areas where energy is wasted, for example: –

Heating: this can account for 60% of your total energy costs.
Lighting: on average, 25% of an organisation’s electricity costs come from lighting.

Given the component parts of the ESS contract management service, we have delivered positive savings to customers in this sector, from switching providers and invoice validating to installing the latest lighting and heating technology.


We are impressed with the ESS Energy tariff review service. All we had to do was supply them with a copy of a recent utility bill and a signed letter of authority to confirm that they were acting on behalf of the club.

Alex Mackenzie

Secretary, Carnoustie Golf Club

I am pleased to confirm how worthwhile we believe ESS Energy working on our behalf has proved to be. In relation to 30 or so entities that we manage directly, we have achieved savings that by now must exceed £16k per annum with little effort on our part.

Colin Andrews

Group Accountant, WT Lamb Holdings Ltd

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